I've posted the schedules for review. You will notice a big change from the old schedule format, hopefully in the long run this will be much better for us as a league. Here are some notable changes.
  1. Make sure under the season tab you use the drop down for UCSL. I have the UCMS schedules up here also but they are under their own drop down.
  2. The default on the new UCSL page will be the UCSL schedule.
  3. Team names Due to new naming requirements we have changed the way teams are named. They will be in the format of age, level, division, team name(using association acronym and number). So if you are say a U7B White Waxhaw 2, the team name would show up as U7BW SCOW2. Hopefully this won't be too confusing but I had to identify each team by age and division.
  4. You can do a drop down for just your team or all teams.
  5. Also you can pull games by month or do all months.
  6. To print your teams schedule click on the "printer Friendly" link for a clean print of the schedule for a specific team.
New Team naming:
MYSA = Monroe
WCWA = Weddington
SCOW = Waxhaw
ITAA = Indian Trail
PRAA = Porter Ridge
PASA = Piedmont
WCR = Wingate
MHAA = Mint Hill
Any questions please fee free to email or call.

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